Creative Writing Residency: Our Own Folktales (K-6)


Students will write their own stories using a traditional tale as a model. By following Motoko’s step-by-step instructions, students will gain knowledge of the narrative structure of folktales, and apply it to their own writing of imagined experiences with well-defined characters, clear event sequences, dialogues and descriptive details. They will understand the cultural role of folktales as a vehicle for teaching morals and lessons, and express their own worldview and values through writing and sharing their original stories. Emphasis on originality and non-violent problem solving. The residency may culminate in a classroom anthology and/or a Parents’ Night.


Student Writing Samples

Sample Student Writing-Group Story grade 1

Sample Student Writing-Group Story grade2

Student Sample Writing-Grade 3 Wampanoag

Student Sample Writing-Grade 3 Watercycle

Motoko Dworkin

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