Origami Adventure: A STEAM (STEM + Art) Residency


Students will develop their geometric and spatial thinking, narrative writing skills, and multicultural awareness through the art of origami. They will experience origami both as a traditional Japanese art and as a modern practice with mathematical applications, and explore how art and science are connected.


Following Motoko’s step-by-step instructions, they will produce 2- and 3-dimensional objects; identify and analyze geometric features (such as angles, lines, and symmetry); and figure out areas and volumes. They will also use them as a springboard and a visual enhancement for narrative writing. The residency culminates in a student performance and exhibit.


I was in awe of the way that you taught my students volume using 3D figures. The designs were beautiful…What I was most impressed about was your line of questioning with my students.  You gave them very challenging ideas but the visuals helped them understand… I really enjoyed working with you!

Rachel Appell, R.H. Conwell School, Worthington MA

Motoko Dworkin

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