Residency Program: A Year in Japan (K-4)

Motoko offers a 5-day Residency Program, specifically developed for Grades K-4, that focuses on national holidays, festivals, and seasonal activities in Japan throughout the year. Motoko normally works with one grade, meeting with each class for an hour a day for four or five days (consecutive or non-consecutive, as negotiated.)

Students are told stories, which include folktales, myths, personal narratives and children's fiction; taught songs and games; and they also create artwork relevant to the particular season or festival; and receive language and cultural lessons. On the fifth day the residency culminates into "A Year in Japan" exhibition and performance to share what the students have learned with the rest of the school.

The school will also receive a complimentary booklet and CD. The book includes songs, stories and activities for the whole year. The CD gives each of the songs with piano and vocals and with just piano parts to allow students to sing along.

The month-by-month list of festivals/holidays (Click for Sample Pages)

January: " Oshogatsu" ( New Year's Day)
February: " Setsubun" ( The Ritual for Driving Away Evil Spirits)
March: " Hina-matsuri" ( Doll Festival, Girls' Day)
April: " Hanami" ( The Cherry Blossom Festival)
May: " Kodomo no hi" ( Children's Day, Boys' Day)
June: " Tsuyu" ( The Rainy Season)
July: " Tanabata" ( The Star Festival)
August: " O-bon" ( The Festival of Ancestral Spirits)
September: " Tsukimi" ( The Moon Festival)
October: " Undo-kai" ( The Sports Festival)
November: " Shichi-go-san" ( The Celebration of Children's Health)
December: " Yuki-matsuri" ( The Snow Festival)

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