On March 11, 2011, a powerful earthquake and tsunami struck the northeast coast of Japan, triggering a Level-7 meltdown at the Fukushima 1 Nuclear Power Plant, a massive disaster comparable to Chernobyl. Lives of Fukushima residents have since been filled with impossible choices and decisions. This fictional one-woman play, based on true events, portrays three mothers during the first five years since the accident as they struggle to face the ‘new reality’ and to keep their families safe and sane.

Satoko, a single mother, stays in Fukushima and tackles the arduous task of keeping her children from the harmful radiation. Yuki flees to Tokyo with her young daughter, while her husband struggles to hold the fort at home. Satoko’s mother Miho reminds us of the family’s deep connection to the land, and the history of the community’s acceptance of the power plant.

In this theatrical multimedia performance, nationally acclaimed storyteller Motoko takes you to the heart of the ongoing battle. She weaves a rich tapestry of fear and courage, love and despair, and hope against hope for the ultimate survival and revival of the community.


Motoko’s show opened my eyes and my heart to the human, personal reality of the mass disaster…I realized how woefully little I really knew, and was outraged at how much could be hidden behind public “information." This is an astonishing show!

Jo Radner,
Storyteller, Folklorist, Professor Emerita of Literature--American University