Teacher Preparation and Follow-up Material

Bibliography and Other Resources
Some Basic Facts about Japan
How to Count in Japanese
How to make Sugoroku, Japanese story board game

Creative Writing

The Adventure of the Wonder Child

Haiku Riddles

Basic Story Structure: A Sample Lesson

Personal Stories about Change and Growth

Sample Pages from “A Year in Japan” Booklet:

Click here for sample pages from April

Integrate math into your Japan curriculum?

See Old Math from Japan

History of Japan, Over-Simplified

Plays based on Japanese folktales (written by Motoko)

The Story of Little Princess Melon (Grades K-3)

The Story of Urashima the Fisherman (Grade 2-4)

Plays about Oh-Oka, the Clever Judge (Grades 4-8)

Information about Mime

Brochure for Mime for Teens

Click Here for Motoko's Homepage