Residency Programs for Schools

The program was rich with terrific material…
The behavior management methods were very effective. Excellent rapport with the students. Thank you for your hard work!
Robert Mahler, Principal
Gill Elementary School
Gill, MA

A Year in Japan (K-4)

A 5 day residency that focuses on national holidays, festivals, and seasonal children’s activities in Japan throughout the year. It helps students gain an accurate picture of contemporary Japan while providing them with a sense of history. Sessions include stories, songs, art, and cultural lessons, and culminates into a students’ performance and art exhibit. (Read more.)

Creative Writing: Our Own Folktales (K-5)

In this 5-8 day residency students will write original folktale-type stories that express their own beliefs and values. They will gain understanding of how to structure a story and to develop an organized sequence that will engage the reader. They will also become familiar with many traditional folktale motifs, and gain confidence in exploring the world of their imaginations. Emphasis on originality and non-violent problem solving. (More.)

Creative Writing: Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing (Grade 4)

This new realistic fiction residency was originally developed for Griswold Elementary School in Kensington, CT. Based on Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing by Judy Blume (Puffin Books, NY, 1972) this unit gives students step-by-step instructions to write a fictional story in a personal narrative form about a day in a life of a fourth grader and a “crazy” sibling. (Read more.)

The Storyteller’s Process (Grades 4-8)

Why tell stories? To enjoy, to share, and to show that we care! A 3-8 day program focused on the art of storytelling. Each student select or write stories that explore and express who they are. They will remember and reflect upon their own experiences, and gain skills in listening and research. Emphasis on identity, community, and respect. This residency may culminate in a school-wide storytelling festival. (Click here for related materials.)

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