The Girl in the Mirror:
Mime for Teens (Grades 7-12)

From the opening music on, I felt our community was caught up in your story, and growing through your sharing. Williston believes in asking adults to share their stories and function as role models. Your performance did just that, and demanded the audience’s creative involvement in the emotional exploration.
Dennis H. Grubbs, Headmaster
The Williston-Northampton School
Easthampton, MA

Designed to enhance Health Education curricula, this one-woman mime program addresses issues relevant to the lives of middle and high school students: puberty, peer pressure, and family life. Students will watch a series of short mime stories and create meaning through observation and imagination. It demonstrates the value of nonverbal communication and the relationship between mind and body, and inspires discussion on healthy self-image and interpersonal relationships.

A 45 minute performance plus 15 minute Q&A session address an audience of up to 300.
A list of discussion topics will be provided.(Click Here for Brochure)

The Synopsis:

The Girl in the Mirror---a hilarious look at puberty
A Divorce--- a child is caught between the opposing forces of her parents
Treewoman---intertwining life cycles of a woman and a tree
Japanese Culture 101: The Art of Bowing---a humorous view on Japanese manners
Audience Participation---Motoko demonstrates the basic techniques of mime
The Game---a boy playing a computer war game experiences what happens inside the game
The Party---a teenager goes to a party, where she faces the dilemma of wanting to fit in, and must make the right decisions for herself.
My Son’s Room---a mother goes into her teenager’s room and discovers many things

Teachers and students who saw this program have said:

Motoko included many issues our students are familiar with and interested in, and presented them at their level. She was not talking down to them.

I have never seen the kids so focused. You could hear a pin drop!

The divorce piece was so poignant, it broke my heart.

Every story was so different. Thank you for such an enriching experience!

I love the fact that Motoko herself is a mother of a teenager!

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